Edmonton to Vancouver City by road in mid-winter - A photo essay

A picture series on the drive from Edmonton to Vancouver city in February 2019. 

The spectacular Aurora borealis in Northern Alberta

The Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) put up a spectacular show in the sky over Slave Lake town here in northern Alberta on Aug. 30-31, 2019. The phenomenon was visible right in the town despite the light pollution. I drove down to the adjoining Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, a little north of the town to take these pictures. Aurora borealis and the Big Dipper over the Lesser Slave Lake Aurora borealis and the Big Dipper starting to appear as the sun sets over the Lesser Slave Lake --- For more information about a destination, have a tourist destination or your property listed on this page or to buy an image please email the author at  

A sea bird and seal paradise off Vancouver's coast- Sewell's Marina Howe Sound Sea Safari

Vancouver is a city of spectacular beauty. The Pacific Coast here blends with the many snow capped mountains clothed with towering temperate rainforests. Streams fed by melting snow flowing down the mountains into the ocean are a sight to behold. Not surprisingly the area around the city is blessed with a variety of wildlife, including many aquatic life forms. One of the best ways to sight the aquatic wildlife is on a sea safari.  There are many companies with a long track record of safety and qualified wildlife biologists guiding guests during the safaris. One such company is Sewell Marina based at Howe Sound. I took the company's 2 hour Howe Sound Sea Safari in early July 2017 and had a wonderful time in the ocean, getting to see rare wildlife from close. The safari starts from Horseshoe and sails through a deep fjord (valley created by a retreating glacier) passing by many beautiful small islands including Christie Islet Bird Sanctuary and Anvil Island. The guide exp