Drive to Mikumi National Park- the Great African Plains, from Dar es Salaam

I had a chance to break free from the daily cycle of work in Dar es Salaam for a couple of days during the recent Easter long weekend of Tanzania. I drove down along the Tanzania - Zambia International Highway to Mikumi National Park, one of nature's many bounties bestowed upon this beautiful country and its welcoming people. The town of Mikumi, near which is the park's safari area, is located about 300 km from Dar, although the jungles of the park start about 45 km before the town when one is driving down from Dar. Here is a collection of images of the drive to the park. This is first of a series of posts on my blog on this particular trip. A giraffe statue at a petrol station just as one exits Dar es Salaam on the Morogoro road.  To see a larger map  click here This is a single road with many bends and sharp turns, where over taking is prohibited.  And a long week-end meant we had to follow the many vehicles ahead of us leaving no chance of overtaking.

Stone Town, Zanzibar- Glimpses from a place frozen in time

Tanzania is a country that stretches from the coast to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain on Earth and the highest peak in Africa. Among the gems it has to showcase are a couple of archipelagos (group of islands) hidden somewhere the Indian Ocean. Located off Dar es Salaam, towards its north-east, the autonomous region of Zanzibar comprises of Pemba and surrounding islands as well as the archipelago comprising of Unjuga and surrounding islands. The city of Zanzibar is located in the later. These islands have a fascinating history enshrouded around them, particularly the city of Zanzibar. In the old part of Zanzibar city is the Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A kid enjoying football on a Monday morning. This is what many people in Zanzibar do through the week. They take life as it comes and enjoy it every bit.  To see a larger map, click here Here are glimpses of this scenic place from a couple of visits in November 2015. One can travel to