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I am a Communication and PR professional with over 17 years' experience enhancing brands. I have a passion for content creation and editing, with a special interest in Blogging and Social Media. I've successfully created and managed integrated communication campaigns for reputed stakeholders- from Digital Marketing campaign of a Nobel Peace Laureate to the election PR campaign of an alumnus of India’s premier technology institute IIT-Delhi that helped him get elected to the Assembly of Karnataka state, India in 2013. I have authored an e-book on story telling as well as over a hundred popular articles and papers on various topics in reputed newspapers and publications - online and print.

My passion...
Born in Bangalore (Bengaluru), I was brought up and did schooling in the nearby Tumkur (Tumakuru). I grew up roaming the jungles of Old Mysore region and Sahayadris (Western Ghats). Passion for new wilderness, search for spirituality and the need of bread, took me across oceans to Canada - a shining jewel of western civilization. I travelled across North America and Europe as well as the eastern civilization in south-east Asia. Unable to resist the call of the hill myna, the unforgettable smell of ‘Hind ki mitti’ (soil of India) and the affection of my people, I set my camp in Delhi ('Dilli' as it has been known for centuries) from Apr 2009 to May 2012. I returned back to Bengaluru, where I continued searching for peace amidst the hill chains and rain-fed wetlands of the endless maidans (plains) and towering rainforests and hill slope grasslands of the mist shrouded malenadu (Western Ghats). October 2015 took me to the land of unspoilt wilderness and amazing humans - Tanzania in east Africa. Now me and our little son go out when ever we can looking for Simba (the lion), Tembo (the elephant), twiga (the giraffe), baharani dege (the African fishing eagle), ka (the crab), samaki (the fish) and numerous other amazing creatures on the Swahili coast and Great African Plains. 

Online presence:
tumkurameen AT gmail.com


Some of my published works since 1995.

Ameen Ahmed, 'A manual for South Asia’s NGOs, CSR teams & Government agencies on communicating through written stories', Self published e-book, 2013. 

Popular Articles and Press Releases
88. Thorns in the enemy's path, Deccan Herald (Spectrum), 07 Jul. 2015
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80. Wilderness Areas of Tumkur, JLR Explore website, 1 Mar. 2014
79.  Thriving tigers bode well for Kosi River corridor, WWF-India website, 16 Mar. 2012
78.  Population boost to Manas’ rhinos, WWF-India website, 13 Mar. 2012 
77.  Camera traps document elusive snow leopard in India’s Kargil, WWF-India website, 23 Feb. 2012 
76.   Nandhor Valley, Uttarakhand springs pleasant surprises, WWF-India website, 2 Feb, 2012
75.   Tigers thriving in Ramnagar Forest Division, Uttarakhand, WWF-India website, 23 Jan, 2012
74.  New Year brings in good news for an important wildlife corridor near the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, WWF-India website, 16 Jan, 2012 
73.  Successful wild rhino re-collaring exercise in Assam under IRV2020, WWF-India website, 3 Jan. 2012 
72. Challenges in saving the one-horned rhino in the Manas landscape, WWF-India website, 30 Dec, 2011 
71. New species of scorpion found in Warangal District of Telangana region, WWF-India website, 22 Dec 2011
70. Using Art to save Central India's natural wealth, WWF-India website, 19 Dec 2011
69. Reducing plastic pollution in Pilibhit Forest Division, The Better India, 3 Nov 2011
68. Helping wildlife keep a safe distance from humans, WWF-India website, 02 Nov 2011
67. Strengthening Tiger Conservation in Rajaji National Park, WWF-India website, 7 Oct 2011
66. WWF-India helps protect the forests of Nandhor valley, WWF-India website, 2 Oct 2011
65. Challenges in Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation, WWF-India website, 30 Jul 2011
64. Conserving the frontiers of Central India’s wilderness, WWF-India website, 28 Jul 2011
63. India’s tigers gain numbers but not ground, WWF-India website, 28 Jul 2011
62. Lighting lives in the Sundarbans, WWF-International website, 18 Jul 2011
61. Communities for tigers, WWF-International website, 18 July 2011
60. Encounter with a rare mama bear and cub, WWF-India website, 13 Jun 2011
59. Helping the tigers of Kopijhola, WWF-India website, 6 May 2011
58. Strengthening patrolling and rescue operations around Gir National Park, WWF-India website, 6 May 2011
57. Red Panda camera trapped in Sikkim, WWF-India website, 4 May 2011,
56. Building a case for Central India’s tiger corridors, WWF-India website, 29 Apr. 2011
55. New strength to tiger conservation in Vidarbha region, WWF-India website, 21 Apr. 2011
54. Micro solar power station in Sundarbans, WWF-India website, 12 Apr. 2011
53. Increase in tiger numbers reported, WWF-India website, 29 Mar. 2011
52. Efforts to provide safe access for wildlife in a key Reserve Forest in Assam, WWF-India website, 1 Mar. 2011
51. Fragmentation threat in the Kanha-Pench Corridor, WWF-India website, 23 Feb. 2011
50. Creating awareness on wildlife through sport, WWF-India website, 08 Dec. 2010
49. Providing strength to tiger corridor in Central India, WWF-India website, 29 Nov. 2010
48. Alternative livelihoods to conserve Manas wilderness, WWF-India website, 18 Nov. 2010
47. Elephant's Day Out, WWF-International website, 10 Nov. 2010 (with Kandpal.K.D)
46. Educating the future tiger defenders of Central India, WWF-India website, 4 Nov. 2010
45. An adventurous Ranthambore tiger takes a long walk to Bharatpur, WWF-India website, 21 Oct. 2010
44. Interesting life in the heights of eastern Himalayas, WWF-India website, 20 Oct. 2010
43. Camera trapping reveals wildlife rarely seen in Pilibhit, WWF-India website, 12 Oct. 2010
42. A good practice facilitating elephant movement across highways, WWF-India website, 24 Sep. 2010
41. Mitigating Human-Elephant conflict in Udalguri, Assam, India, WWF-India website, 24 Sep .2010
40. Recent Evidence of Clouded Leopard in Pakke Tiger Reserve, WWF-India website, 30 Aug. 2010
39. A big cat’s pleasant surprise , WWF-India website, 24 Aug. 2010
38. Indo-Nepal border forest officials for better cooperation, WWF-India website, 10 Aug. 2010
37. Flood relief for forest department daily wagers of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, WWF-India website, 11 Aug. 2010
36. Villagers take losses in stride to save a wild elephant near Dudhwa, WWF-India website, 26 Aug.  2010
35.    WWF-India’s survey narrows gap in snow leopard information, WWF-India website, 8 Jun. 2010
34. Change through education, WWF-India website, 22 Apr. 2010 (with Anil Cherkupalli)
33. Pardis - hunters in need of help, WWF-India website, 14 Apr. 2010 (with Anil Cherkupalli)
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30. Increased protection for Panna, WWF-India website, 24 Feb. 2010
WWF-India supports media campaign for India’s wild tigers, WWF-India website, 8 Feb. 2010
28. WWF-India strengthens patrolling of Assam’s wilderness during winter, WWF-India website, 17 Jan. 2010
27. Memories of Billy- a legendary tiger-walla, WWF-India website, 17 Jan. 2010 (with  Mudit Gupta)
26. India and Nepal collaborate for biodiversity conservation along border, WWF-India website, 23 Dec. 2009
25. A Rhino’s Day Out, WWF-India website, 16 Dec. 2009
24. Run for the Tiger, WWF-India website, 15 Dec. 2009
23. WWF-India steps in to help flood affected Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, WWF-India website, 10 Oct . 2009
22. WWF-India and TRAFFIC strengthen capacity and law enforcement in Maharashtra’s tiger areas, WWF-India website, 1 Aug 2009
21. Tracking the elusive snow leopard in India’s Kargil, WWF-USA website, 20 Jul. 2009 (with Nikita Aggarwal)
20. Assam forest guards better equipped to protect Rhinos, WWF-USA website, 11 Jul. 2009 (with Nikita Aggarwal)
19. Assam’s wild animals safer, WWF-India website, 8 Jul. 2009 (with Nikita Aggarwal)
18. WWF-India and Indian Army join hands to save the tiger, WWF-India website, 31 May 2009
17. WWF-India stands by Sunderbans, WWF-India website, 27 May 2009
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