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'Namma Bengaluru' food in Calgary, western Canada

I recently drove with family to Calgary from where I reside up north here in Canada's Alberta province. A few enquiries led me to 'Hot Plate' in Calgary north east, the desi hub of this beautiful city. I was told that the place was owned and operated by a lady from Bengaluru. A smile and a few pleasantries exchanged in Dakkani dialect and we were off to tasting a sumptuous buffet. Dilshad Aunty moved to Canada 6 years ago and from RT Nagar, Namma Bengaluru, to join her sons and their families. Apparently on her insistence they started a restaurant and have never looked back. Today this is one of the well-known restaurants of Calgary, the largest city of Alberta. Coming to food, I usually ask the restaurant manager or the reception to help me taste their best dish/es. Dilshad Aunty asked us to get started with the buffet and said she would also serve us with other dishes in the kitchen. She exceeded what she had promised. Among the items '