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'Bade ka sukka' - a traditional beef dish of India's Old Mysore region

Bade ka sukka is a traditional south Indian beef dish from the Old Mysore region Bade ka sukka or 'Dry beef' is a traditional Muslim beef dish of Old Mysore region*. It may surprise you that not all Muslims eat beef in Karnataka (or at least not all did when I was a kid in 1980s). I came from one such family. Beef was a rarity in my father's family in Tumakuru and his mom never touched it. Beef was considered a poor man's protein (being cheaper than fish, mutton and chicken) and people usually didn't like to be seen at a butcher shop selling beef (a shameful act that has thankfully changed today). My mom's family was opposite. They were from Bengaluru and were voracious beef eaters. My nani (maternal grand mom) and her daughters cooked some of the tastiest beef dishes. As some one who loved good food, I would relish every visit to my mom's family in Frazer Town. And each time I returned to Tumakuru, I craved for some beef. As teenagers we cousins woul

Vancouver City to Calgary by road in mid-winter - A photo essay


Edmonton to Vancouver City by road in mid-winter - A photo essay

A picture series on the drive from Edmonton to Vancouver city in February 2019.