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Halal restaurants of Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

Most halal foods have their origin in Asian and African countries. Restaurants offering halal food are a great way to explore exotic cuisine of these lands and get introduced to their eating traditions. The picturesque city of Vancouver wedged between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in Canada's British Columbia province is a popular tourist destination. To most people who know Canada, this city offers warmer temperatures than the rest of the country. The city has also been ranked among the top 5 best cities to live across the globe in 2016. I was in the city for three weeks in Jan.- Feb. 2017 for my training at Flight Centre for the position of International Travel Consultant. Like other major urban centres of the country Vancouver is a melting point for various cultures and ethnicity. It offers a variety of cuisines to satisfy different taste buds. As some one who prefers halal food, I explored the many restaurants offering this food in Vancouver's downtown. He