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A visit to British Library, London,UK

I fell in love with libraries of the Western world when I first visited University of Toronto's expansive Robarts Library in downtown Toronto where I took a few courses in mid-2000s. During the visit  I laid hands on my life's first hard copy of 'Baburnama', the autobiography of Mohammad Zahiruddin Babur, founder of Moghul Empire. This re-triggered my high school interest in history that led to me to research the history of the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom. I started writing  on various themes related to the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom for various publications- newspapers, popular magazines and my own blogs. The information was also used to further the cause of heritage education and conservation through Bengaluru by Foot, of which I am a co-founder with Mansoor Ali, an architect and another history and heritage buff. In tune with this need for continuous research I had been longing to visit the British Library, London, UK since a long time. I had the good fortune of spending