For the love of good food: 'Taj Restaurant' @ Kunigal, Tumakuru Dist.

At Bengaluru by Foot we go great lengths, in fact many miles, to try food so that our guests get to eat the tastiest of cuisines. On 24 Aug. 2016 we drove a couple of hours away from Bengaluru in search of a particular restaurant. We heard it serves amazing 'teetar fry' (fried partridges), 'bhuni naati murghi' (roasted country chicken), 'chote ka harya masala' (mutton green masala) and 'murghi pakote' (chicken wings). We found this place live up to its name as we jostled with fellow food lovers in search of food nirvana. Now we know where to stop on Bengaluru- Kunigal stretch of NH 48 the next time you want to eat that perfect Dakkani cuisine.

Taj Restaurant. It is located along the service road of NH48 exactly on the exit to Kunigal Town. Here it is on


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  1. Hi Ameen,Do you have any contact details of this place.Till what time is it open

  2. Does this hotel taj provides tetar in weak end..or daily it's available?


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