Stone Town, Zanzibar- Glimpses from a place frozen in time

Tanzania is a country that stretches from the coast to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain on Earth and the highest peak in Africa. Among the gems it has to showcase are a couple of archipelagos (group of islands) hidden somewhere the Indian Ocean. Located off Dar es Salaam, towards its north-east, the autonomous region of Zanzibar comprises of Pemba and surrounding islands as well as the archipelago comprising of Unjuga and surrounding islands. The city of Zanzibar is located in the later. These islands have a fascinating history enshrouded around them, particularly the city of Zanzibar. In the old part of Zanzibar city is the Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A kid enjoying football on a Monday morning. This is what many people in Zanzibar do through the week. They take life as it comes and enjoy it every bit. 

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Here are glimpses of this scenic place from a couple of visits in November 2015.
One can travel to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam either by Air or by Ferry. Here's a view of Dar city from air on the flight to Zanzibar. 
A view from the restaurant at Serena Zanzibar
Relaxing at the restaurant of Serena Zanzibar
A glassware with delicate Arabic/ Mediterranean art work on display at Hyatt Zanzibar
The beach outside Hyatt Zanzibar, a star hotel, near the Zanzibar Port
Two-wheelers are a favourite mode of transport in Zanzibar
Many of the buildings and establishments at Zanzibar are over a century old. Here is one such building.
Another old establishment
Narrow streets characterise the Stone Town.
Another old building in one of the narrow streets
Hakuna Matata is a popular phrase in Swahili language. It roughly means 'Don't worry, be happy'. Thanks to the movie 'Lion King' the phrase was popularised outside the Swahili speaking parts of the world. 
Tourism mementos for sale. Much of these come from China. 
A shop selling mementos.
Stone Town is characterised by old buildings which are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Tag
A view of the historic old Fort. It was symbolic as a seat of power by the Arabs changing hands multiple times before it became a heritage site. 
Another view of the Old Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entrance to the Old Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A board explaining the World Heritage Site of Old Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar
A board at the entrance to the Old Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar
Brass knobs/ spikes on one of the doors at the entrance of  Old Fort, Stone Town., Zanzibar
Decorative work on wood at the entrance of  Old Fort, Stone Town., Zanzibar
Many modern buildings in Zanzibar have adopted the age old theme of wood designs giving the entire town a feel of being a place frozen in time. The above picture is from Serena Zanzibar, a 5-star hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar. 
A traditional wood door with brass knobs
A traditional wood door
Food is one of Zanzibar's major attraction. Here are a few dishes we ordered at Serena Zanzibar, a star hotel.
Prawns Chuku Chuku- fresh sea prawns garnished with spices and served with either steamed rice or mashed potato.
At #SerenaZanzibar.
Jacxon Evance is a waiter at Serena Zanzibar. A happy man, here he is wearing a traditional Zanzibar cap. This cap has its origins in Oman, which colonised Zanzibar for many decades.
A local walking along the beach 
Beyond the closed doors lies freedom. 
A yacht  sailing as the sun sets
Locals enjoying the evening on a beach.
The locals and tourists blend very well in Zanzibar. 
Boats anchoring at the end of day. 
Yachts sailing past one of the many pristine beaches in Zanzibar
Locals use small boats to travel from one island to another and also to the mainland.
A traditional boat contrasts with modern vessels.  
Boats during low tide as seen near Zanzibar Port
Placid ocean waters during low tide as seen from Hyatt Zanzibar.
One of the many islands that one gets to see as one flies to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam

A view of the azure Indian ocean waters and coral reefs from a small plane.

When rays of sun hit the water around noon, one gets to enjoy the ocean's beauty flying overhead.


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