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'Akki Rotti'- A south Indian flat bread associated with childhood memories

Curating walks for +Bengaluru Byfoot  has given me an opportunity not only to travel to the various lesser known destinations in the region of the erstwhile Mysore province, but also to taste its various cuisines. And many of these food dishes bring back pleasant childhood memories. One such food is the 'Akki roti' or 'Chawal ki roti' as it is known in Dakkani dialect. There are many types of 'rotis' or Indian flat bread that are prepared in India depending on the grains used to grind the flour. In the Old Mysore region, apart from the popular wheat roti made from wheat atta (flour) there are also the 'ragi' or finger millet (Eleusine coracana) roti, 'jowar' or sorghum or white millet roti and the 'akki'  or rice roti. Jowar roti in Kannada language is known as 'Jwalada Rotti' and is more popular in northern parts of Karnataka state. During my childhood as well as teenage days (1980s to mid-90s) I remember my   dadi

For the love of good food: 'Taj Restaurant' @ Kunigal, Tumakuru Dist.

At Bengaluru by Foot we go great lengths, in fact many miles, to try food so that our guests get to eat the tastiest of cuisines. On 24 Aug. 2016 we drove a couple of hours away from Bengaluru in search of a particular restaurant. We heard it serves amazing ' teetar fry ' (fried partridges), ' bhuni naati murghi ' (roasted country chicken), ' chote ka harya masala ' (mutton green masala) and ' murghi pakote ' (chicken wings). We found this place live up to its name as we jostled with fellow food lovers in search of food nirvana. Now we know where to stop on Bengaluru- Kunigal stretch of NH 48 the next time you want to eat that perfect Dakkani cuisine. Taj Restaurant. It is located along the service road of NH48 exactly on the exit to Kunigal Town. Here it is on --- For more information about a destination, have a tourist destination or your property listed on this page

Ten reasons why you must visit Mikumi National Park from Dar es Salaam

If there is one hidden natural wonder of Africa that one should not miss if one ever visits Dar es Salaam, it definitely has to be the Mikumi National Park located just under 300 km from Tanzania's financial capital.  HERE ARE 10 GOOD REASONS WHY ONE SHOULD VISIT THE PARK: REASON 1: BIG GAME + DIVERSITY OF OTHER WILDLIFE Mikumi is home to an amazing diversity of big game including 4 of the the famed big 5 of Africa- elephants, buffalos, lions and the leopard.  The Park also has a staggering diversity of lesser-wildlife/ small game and game birds, apart from the big game. It is a dream destination for bird lovers, with over 400 species to sight and photograph from. Apart from birds there are many species of insects and reptiles that roam here.  Big herds of zebra, impala, giraffe, wildebeast, wild buffalo are found in Mikumi National Park A staggering 400 species of birds have been apparently recorded in Mikumi National Park, including residents like this

Tanzania's Mikumi National Park- A safe haven for Africa's big game

Mikumi National Park is tucked in a corner of Tanzania, far from the gaze of the well-known parks of the country like Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. The park is spread across an area of over 3,000 sq. km. Here are some images of the big game found in the park taken during a trip made to this park during Easter (March) 2016 vacations. --- Here are a few other posts on Mikumi National Park that may interest you: 1)  Ten reasons why you must see Mikumi National Park from Dar es Salaam 2)  The lesser known wildlife of Mikumi National Park, Tanzania 3)  Drive to Mikumi National Park- the Great African Plains, from Dar es Salaam --- For more information about a destination, have a tourist destination or your property listed on this page or to buy an image please email the author at