Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort- Explore the beauty of Dar es Salaam's coastline

'Karibu' for welcome. One of the most commonly words in Swahili.
The word Africa to most who have never visited this beautiful continent conjures a host of images in the mind- from the arid deserts to the vast plains teeming with wildlife. But what most don't know is that the cities of Africa teem with night life and its coasts are the spectacular by any standards that host many pristine beaches and corals.

Dar es Salaam is one such city whose coastline has some exotic beaches aptly supported by some very nice beach resorts. I had a chance to visit Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort earlier this month (Nov. 2015) and was impressed by its location as well as its hospitality. The resort, located to the north of Dar, is about 30 minutes drive (50 minutes during peak hours).

The resort has two clearly demarcated sections separated by a public road. The one adjoining the sea is the actual resort having a discotheque, swimming pool, hookah space, party hall and restaurant. The one away from the sea is the hotel with comfortable rooms.

There are two pools at the resort, one for the kids and the other for adults.
The sand beach at the resort. 
Some prefer to play football than to swim
A view of the seafront. The receding tides leave behind a swath of sea vegetation which needs to be cleaned regularly.
Excursions to nearby islands. 
The resort organises complimentary boat rides to the nearby islands - popular of which is the Mbudaya Marine Reserve. This island is a tropical paradise and just a 20 minute boat ride.

One of the boats that takes guests to the nearby Mbudya islands
View of the stone wall and anchorage area
Western tourists departing to Mbudya island in a boat engaged by the resort

An unnamed island that can be seen from the resort. 

Visitors relaxing by the sea side during high tide.

Food is one of the highlights of this resort. 
The resorts of the chefs have been around for many years and have mastered the art of cooking Indian food. 

This particular chef is popular with the staff and guests. He is known for his Indian food cooking skills. 

The other chef of the resort

Indian flat bread or chapati as it is called here

Jelly for the sweet-toothed

Fruit salad in a water melon case. 

An outside view of the gym cum spa
The place has a colourful hookah/ sheesha lounge

A view of the hotel section of the resort

Entrance to the lodge section of the resort

A view of the sitting area of the beverages section.

External design of the common area of the rooms

View of the small pool in the hotel section. In the background are the new section that is being constructed to accommodate more guests. 

View of the dining area

The resort has a conference are for business meetings. 
Hakuna matata is a Swahili word which means 'Don't worry' or 'Take it easy'. 

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