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Zanzibar archipelago as seen from a commercial flight

A few images taken from a flight over Zanzibar archipelago, as it neared Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) from Doha (Qatar). The azure coastline of Zanzibar as seen from the Doha - Dar es Salaam flight. A screenshot from googlemaps showing location of Zanzibar archipelago in relation to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,38.8891983,9z To the east of Dar es Salaam (Dar) are two main archipelagos (group of islands), the archipelago comprising of Pemba and other islands as well as the archipelago comprising of Unjuga and surrounding islands, which the city of Zanzibar island is located. Apart from being scenically beautiful, these islands have a rich human history as well, in particular Zanzibar. I have moved to Dar for a few months. Any friend travelling to this lovely city and country (or needing a reason to travel here) is welcome to connect with me. Travellers who come across this blog are welcome to write to me for travel related infor