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Kutchi Memon Ramzan Iftar Dastarkhwan @ Bengaluru

Here is a wonderful home-prepared Kutchi Memon dastarkhwan which was hosted at Fraser Town on 5 July 2015. A special thanks to Mansoor Ali, star food-walker and co-founder Bengaluru By Foot as well as Nadir Aslam, a foodie, for guiding us through the menu. Most of these are prepared/ served as part of Razman month and normally not available otherwise. The concept of this dastwarkhwan , organised by 'Bengaluru by Foot' is to encourage people from all faiths and social group to gather as one for their common love- food. And in the process it helps people practising faiths other than Islam, to learn about the holy month of Ramzan with its traditions. Here is what was served at the event: Starters - to break the fast:  - Dry fruit Sherbat  (pronounced 'Sharbat' in Mysore Dakkani dialect) peppered with Zaffran (saffron)  - Minced lamb meat 'Warqi somosas' ('Warq' means paper)  - Mutton brain pakoda  - Mutton shammi kabab  - Shikampur kabab  - Ar