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Bonding made easy, thanks to online travel portals and apps

The hills are a favourite place for newly-weds to get away from the crowds The days immediately following your marriage are the most important ones to know and understand your soul-mate. This is a period that helps you cement your relationship for the rest of your lives. Traditionally, the ideal way of doing so has been to get away from the daily routine and spend time with your better half. Newly-weds usually pick and choose from the array of honeymoon destinations and themes based on their common interests. While some choose the hills for their pleasant weather or the backwaters for their idyllic settings, others choose the sea to let loose the adventurer in them. When one thinks of the hills, the snow-capped Himalayas and the lush Western Ghats strike an immediate chord. Speaking of the sea, the vast vistas of Andaman and Goa come to our minds.  Gone are the days, when people had to undergo the travails of booking their holidays through a maze of paper work, walking up and d

Criss-crossing Quebec's Appalachians

Summary Pristine lakes in dense, forested hills, occasional rolling farms along roads less traversed, clear skies and limitless supply of spotless clean air, what else does a nature lover need? Somewhere in the Appalachian mountain ranges, Route 232 passes near the 731 sq km Rimouski wildlife preserve, and joins the scenic Route 132, just after Mont Joli village. Driving down east and exiting south, one leaves Quebec province to reach what New Brunswick province proudly showcases as Appalachian range scenic route.  Appalachian hills, homesteads and forests The drive from Rivière-du-Loup to Interprovincial bridge criss-crossing the Appalachians Day 3 At about 4:30 AM just as the sun was dawning, the early morning chill woke me up. Eager not to miss the sun rise and the opportunities to photograph it, I took off on Edmunston Road. At Cabano, I took a deviation north onto Route 232 as planned. Fortunately it was a deviation well taken as this was

The 1000+ mile drive from Canada's Atlantic Coast to Toronto

The drive from Port Hastings, Nova Scotia to Toronto City I started off for my home in Toronto from Canso Causeway in Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia province. On this road just before exit 30 between James River and Beaver Meadow Road, I could sight a bald eagle scavenging on an animal that was run over. It was about 6:35 PM Atlantic time. Although my original plan was to drive along the Sunrise Trail on Highway 6, I missed the directions and instead drove to Amherst, beyond Truro. For the entire trip over the past few days since I left Toronto I was the sole driver and navigator. On most occasions I had to look at the map for directions as I drove. This made me miss my direction this time around. It didn't matter much as the Trans-Canada Highway 104 was very good and allowed me to drive at high speeds sometimes touching 150 kmph.  After driving up to Moncton on the Hwy 2, Trans-Canada Highway, didn't want to drive to Fredericton ag

The spectacular landscapes & beaches along east Cape Breton

The drive from Pleasant Bay village to Port Hastings It was my time to return home to Toronto. I left Pleasant Bay village along the Cabot Trail towards the village of Neil's Harbour taking the same route that I had taken to see the sunrise. After some distance, the trail turned south along the eastern part of the park. The trail was now traversing in and out of the park, along clean and beautiful beaches. The view of the beach at Neil's Harbour just outside the national park area was beautiful. The Cabot Trail skirts the national park along its periphery along its north-eastern portions.  This Atlantic coast is dotted with fine-sand beaches in the eastern part of the park, like the beach at Black Brook Cove, few metres off the trail along the edge of beautiful forests. It was a refreshing site to see the beach less crowded, unlike many North American beaches. The road traverses below the highlands at sea level along its ea