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A gem of an island- Mbudya Island Marine Reserve, Tanzania

A tropical beach at Mbudya island Tanzania is a diverse land that ranges from the plains in the north near its border with Kenya; Hills and rainforests in the west; And, picturesque beaches along its coast in the east. Although people connect the country more with the plains of Serengeti National Park and its unending stream of animals migrating to Kenya as well as Mount Kilimanjaro- the tallest free standing mountain on earth, the country's numerous islands and the countless beaches are equally spectacular. Fortunately for tourists, many of the country's islands are within a short distance which can be reached by boat or air in about half hour. One such island is Mbudya Island Marine Reserve. Located about 20 minutes away by boat from the popular Jangwani Sea Breeze resort, this is a tropical paradise within easy reach of Dar es Salaam. Here are some images that I took during my visit to the place in November 2015. A screenshot of Mbudya island from Google Maps .

ZenFone 2 Laser: An amazing tool for travellers and photography lovers

My early photographic gear I got my first SLR camera way back in 1993 when my uncle from New Jersey, USA gifted me and my elder brother his Practica film-based SLR camera that had a 58mm Carl Zeiss lens attached to it. The camera changed the way I looked at the world. From from one film to another, from one lens to another and from one camera to another I started exploring the world of photography. I graduated to digital cameras in 2004 when I got myself a 4.1 pixel aim and shoot Samsung camera. The same year I got myself my first ever DLSR - Nikon D70s . This DSLR changed the way I took photographs for a long time. Suddenly there was no hassle of carrying and handling films and no worry about the time and cost of processing images. This continued till the age of mobile phones. Graduating to a champion of a mobile phone camera-  Zenfone 2 Laser Although now I carry my DSLR to face every serious photography opportunity, I always felt the want of a better phone camera than the one

Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort- Explore the beauty of Dar es Salaam's coastline

' Karibu ' for welcome. One of the most commonly words in Swahili. The word Africa to most who have never visited this beautiful continent conjures a host of images in the mind- from the arid deserts to the vast plains teeming with wildlife. But what most don't know is that the cities of Africa teem with night life and its coasts are the spectacular by any standards that host many pristine beaches and corals. Dar es Salaam is one such city whose coastline has some exotic beaches aptly supported by some very nice beach resorts. I had a chance to visit Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort earlier this month (Nov. 2015) and was impressed by its location as well as its hospitality. The resort, located to the north of Dar, is about 30 minutes drive (50 minutes during peak hours). The resort has two clearly demarcated sections separated by a public road. The one adjoining the sea is the actual resort having a discotheque, swimming pool, hookah space, party hall and restaurant. Th