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Bheemasandra kere - A haven for waterbirds in Tumkur city

Although forests cover just about 4% of the district's geographical area, Tumkur District is host to a wide variety of wildlife and some picturesque landscapes.  The jheels of old Mysore region hold an amazing array of waterfowl diversity and Tumkur is lucky to have many such wetlands like Tumkur Amanikere and Bheemasandra Kere-Malekote Kere (in Tumkur city), Kunigal Doddakere and Chikkakere (in Kunigal town along Bangalore - Hassan National Highway) and backwaters of Markonahalli Reservoir (just off Bangalore - Hassan National Highway). The birdlife, both the resident and migratory, of these wetlands has been documented by Tumkur's NGO Wildlife Aware Nature Club (WANC) since early 1990s. Apx boundary of Bheemsandra kere - Malekote kere wetlands, Tumkur city marked on a screenshot from Google earth map (seen from west towards Tumkur city) dated 15 Jul 2014.  The twin wetlands of Bheemasandra Kere-Malekote kere are located on the western periphery of Tumkur city. Bett