Tatte idli (ತಟ್ಟೆ ಇಡ್ಲಿ) - Tumakuru's special breakfast for you

Tumakuru city has pleasant climate almost like Bangalore but minus the mad traffic as well as the air and noise
pollution. Above is the park inside Tumkur Amanikere wetland. 
Tumakuru (previously Tumkur) is known for its pleasant climate, almost the same as Bangalore but without the noise and toxic smoke. The town has gone through much change of late, for good. The roads have widened, the streets are well lit, yet there is still minimal traffic. The idyllic Tumkur Amanikere wetland has been fenced off with a beautiful new park developed inside it that overlooks the famous Kote Anjeneya statue and its temple dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. There are new, beautiful mosques that dot the picturesque outskirts of the town. The old churches of the city have retained their old colonial charm and the faithful reach them early on Sundays to attend the masses while the rest of the town wakes up late. The crowd in the city is a melting pot of immigrant students and welcoming locals. New business are being established with big chains launching their stores. And the people seem happy and plentiful. Something that Bangalore was until early-90s.

Tumkur city's civic infrastructure has seen a major facelift in recent times
Tumkur City's civic infrastructure has undergone a major facelift in recent times.
Birdwatchers at Tumkur Amanikere wetland in 2013. The Tumkur Amanikere has retained a big part of its waterbody after the renovation.
The 'developed' Tumkur Amanikere wetland has retained a big part of its waterbody
But one thing that has not changed in Tumkur is its association with tatte idli (ತಟ್ಟೆ ಇಡ್ಲಿ). 'Tatte' translates to plate with the idli relating to its size that is as big as a dinner plate. The 'rava' or 'akki' idlis are smaller in size. There are quite a few restaurants and places in the city that offer these idlis. But I have been very fortunate to have one place that provides some of the most authentic 'tatte' idlis located bang opposite our ancestral home. It is known locally as 'Kumaranna's idli hotel' though its owners Mr. Kumar and Mr. Babu want it to be known as 'Dr. Raj Kumar Idli Hotel', after their icon legendary Kannada actor Late Dr. Raj Kumar.

The 'tatte' idli with spicy coconut chutney, masala vada and avare kaalu usli
The 'tatte' idli folded into two served with spicy coconut chutney, masala vada and avare kaalu usli
Deep fried masala vadas, fresh and hot from the pan go well with the tatte idlis
Deep fried masala vadas, fresh and hot from the pan

Babu (in the pic) and his elder brother Kumar own and run Dr. Raj Kumar Idli hotel at Horpet, Tumkur
Babu and his elder brother Kumar (below) own and run the hotel. 
Kumar popularly known as Kumaranna, along with younger brother Babu own and run Dr. Raj Kumar Idli hotel at Horpet, Tumkur.
Kumar, the elder brother, is popular as Kumaranna. 
The ambience at Dr. Raj Kumar idli hotel, Horpet, Tumkur which serves amazing idlis at an amazing price.
The hotel's ambience is very unassuming, but serves amazing idlis at an amazing price. 
The idlis here come along with spicy coconut chutney. I find it better to add masala vade and 'avare kaalu usli' to my platter, though they can be had a-la-carte once you have had your fill of the idlis. And the real relief comes when you see the bill after filling your stomach and satisfying your taste buds : )

Below is the price list (as of 7 Sep 2013):
Tatte idli (one idli with chutney): Rs.14/- per plate
Masala vade (per piece): Rs. 6/-
Avara kaalu usili: 12/- per serving
Filter coffee/ Tea: Rs. 10 (full cup), Rs. 7 (half a cup)
Rice bath/ chitranna: Rs. 24
Masala dosa: Rs. 30/-
Plain dosa: Rs. 25/-
Mini-masala dosa: Rs. 15/-

India is a land of plenty. Everything comes here in plenty - colours, languages, cultures and food, not to mention of the people and their plentiful talk accompanied with plentiful joy and smiles. It's a traveller's delight with every few kilometres offering a change in the way people talk, dress and eat.

How about exploring the 'tatte' idlis of Tumkur the coming weekend in this land of plenty?


Best time:
 - Also note that Sundays are crowded.

Near Kari-Basava Swamy Mutt, Horpet Main Road, Tumkur.

How to reach:
From Bangalore via NH4:
After crossing the JAS toll plaza at Kyathansadra drive for 2 km to exit NH4 and enter Tumkur City. Drive on the main road (known as BH Road) for 2 km till you reach a traffic signal where the road splits. Drive straight (west) for a km towards Tumkur Amanikere till the road splits into two (ask any one for Kari-Basava Swamy mutt). Drive straight for 150 metres and you are at Kumara's hotel.

From Sira via NH4:
Exit NH4 after Oorkere village to enter Tumkur city (drive below the flyover). Drive for 3 km till Tumkur Amanikere when you see the gigantic Kote Anjeneya statue on you right. Skirt the road that goes straight and take the road to District Sessions Court and beyond. From the District court drive for 800 metres inside Horpet Main Road and the hotel is towards your right (ask any one for Kari-Basava Swamy mutt).


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