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Tatte idli (ತಟ್ಟೆ ಇಡ್ಲಿ) - Tumakuru's special breakfast for you

Tumakuru city has pleasant climate almost like Bangalore but minus the mad traffic as well as the air and noise pollution. Above is the park inside Tumkur Amanikere wetland.  Tumakuru (previously Tumkur) is known for its pleasant climate, almost the same as Bangalore but without the noise and toxic smoke. The town has gone through much change of late, for good. The roads have widened, the streets are well lit, yet there is still minimal traffic. The idyllic Tumkur Amanikere wetland has been fenced off with a beautiful new park developed inside it that overlooks the famous Kote Anjeneya statue and its temple dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. There are new, beautiful mosques that dot the picturesque outskirts of the town. The old churches of the city have retained their old colonial charm and the faithful reach them early on Sundays to attend the masses while the rest of the town wakes up late. The crowd in the city is a melting pot of immigrant students and welcoming locals. Ne

Tumkur - Shivanasamudra route: Winds of change are a little late in arriving here (2013 'Baasi Eid' drive - Part 1 of 2)

Driving on the Karnataka's roads has not been the same since the fruits of economic liberalisation turned into a windfall in early 2000s, from a trickle that they were in early 1990s. As the common man's disposable income increased, chiefly due to the IT, ITES, BPO & Bio-tech boom,  touching many middle-class homes particularly in the Capital Bangalore and major towns, foreign brands that one had to visit abroad to experience were now at one's door steps. The same was true to foreign brand cars that one had to visit abroad to drive but could now be bought in any major town. As successive Governments made it a point to continue investing in roads big time, suddenly your favourite, remote wilderness in the western ghats which took 8 hours of tortuous drive could be reached in half the time which included a couple of stops at good restaurants having clean wash-rooms, a rare luxury in 1990s. As we race towards the end of 2013 we see greater affluence in the people around