Free E-book on How To Write Stories (for Non-Profits/ NGOs, CSR & Government Agencies)

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How to say your story - Story writing for South Asia's NGOs, CSR teams and Government agencies

I am fortunate to have over two decades’ experience working with NGOs and Government agencies to communicate the various challenges staring at India today, ranging from environmental degradation to women’s rights. Among the organisations where I have worked paid, full time are WWF and Greenpeace. Over the years I have interacted with many professionals, particularly from international agencies, working in the non-profit sector in south Asia. This has helped me take a close look at the region’s problems and proposed solutions.

Using my experience, I have authored an e-book ‘How to Say Your Story - A manual for South Asia’s NGOs, CSR teams & Government agencies on communicating through written stories’.

This book, probably the first of its kind in South Asia, aims to help the region’s development sector create and use stories. Anyone interested in educating their stakeholders about their work can use it to tell their story.

This book attempts to help key players in the development sector to create and use stories, either to gain new audiences or strengthen their hold over the existing ones.

The following, in particular, may find this book very useful:
1. Heads of CSR, Corporate Foundations, Cause Marketing.
2. Policy makers and Government officers.
3. Scientists, particularly ecologists and wildlife biologists.
4. Senior and mid-level Communication Managers.
5. Executives and officers working for Communication, Public Relation, Investor relation, Liaison, CSR and Outreach teams.
6. Journalism and Communication students.
7. Teachers.

Though I have put a lot of time and efforts into the content, the design is very basic as I've done it myself with my limited photoshop abilities. I am looking for a volunteer to redesign it and take it to the next level.

You can read the e-book at the end of this post and even download it from there. In case you need it through email please write to me ( and I shall be more than happy to send a copy as an attachment. I have not retained full copyright on the book and am releasing it under Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC meaning  it can be remixed, tweaked, and built upon non-commercially provided the new work is non-commercial and acknowledges this document.

This is my maiden attempt at writing a book. I am sure there is a big scope to improve it. If you think it can be improved in any way, please let me know and I shall be more than happy to incorporate the suggestions.

Ameen Ahmed

Bangalore, India
22 July 2013


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