Club Mahindra Baiguney - Sikkim's hidden treasure trove of serenity

Think of Sikkim and one conjures images of snow-clad peaks and India's cold frontiers. But a recent visit to Club Mahindra's Resort at Baiguney let me discover a less explored world, one of serenity and peace.

It’s true that Sikkim has many snow capped peaks, particularly along the border with China and Nepal. But away from the maddening crowds whose only aim is to catch a solitary glimpse of obscure, far away snowy mountains, lies Club Mahindra Baiguney, a treasure trove of lush greenery and blissful serenity.

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A view of Club Mahindra's resort at Baiguney, west Sikkim
The resort is located about 3 km north of the twin towns of Naya Bazaar & Jorethang not far from the famed hill station of Darjeeling. But the weather here is like much of south Sikkim, pleasant in Winter and Monsoons but humid in the Summers.

During my brief stay last week, my body was pampered and the nerves soothed at the traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath - among only a handful of places offering this unique bath. There were trained masseurs who give me a swastha sparsh massage, after which I could literally feel my calories evaporate at the resort's sauna bath followed by a steam bath.

An inside view of the executive suite
For the fitness freaks in love with cardio-vascular exercises, the outdoor pool amidst the greenry invites you to relax in it. You may also use the well equipped gym with the treadmill in it. If you are a bookworm who just wants to spend the day relaxing by the riverside engrossed in the latest fiction, there is the river Rangit on whose bank this resort is located. I personally found the river a bit noisy after a while, as monsoon waters were pouring into it due to the rains up-stream. I relaxed in the executive suite overlooking the river at a comfortable distance. The kids in your family will surely love the rides on the ponies that walk through the undulating terrain around. For the water sports freaks Rangit River offers an excellent opportunity to wrestle with rapids.
I personally found the river a bit noisy after a while, as monsoon waters were pouring into it due to the rains up-stream. Overlooking the river at a comfortable distance I chose the executive suite to spend the day.
The rapids in River Rangit are an open invitation to adventure lovers to try rafting
Amidst the lush greenery the pool here is inviting

Baiguney's Club Mahindra is among the few resorts in the state that provide the traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath
The drive amidst lush rainforests and deciduous habitats from Siliguri through the famed Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary will set you up a grand scene for any nature lover visiting Baiguney. If creatures of the winged kind interest you, take your field glasses and let your eyes wander in the canopy around. You might be lucky to see a great pied hornbill gracing the tall trees just like I did; or, sight the emperor of India's butterflies 'Kaiser-e-Hind' gliding across one of the many water courses. Located in Eastern Himalayas, this region is one of world's few biodiversity hotspots.
The rainforests and deciduous habitats on the drive from Siliguri to Baiguney are famed for their scenic splendour and wildlife. 
For the ones whose taste buds are always on the look out to wander on new exotic cuisines, the resort is among the best places to enjoy ethnic Nepali and Sikkimese food.

Seen above is a traditional Nepali feast food. The chefs at Club Mahindra Baiguney led by Chef Gagan leave no stone unturned to satisfy your palate 
Whether you are a senior executive wanting to hibernate away from endless meetings and business trips or someone who wants a rush of adrenaline to flush out the pent up stress, Club Mahindra's resort at Baiguney is the destination for you. It is one place that will surely leave you asking for more of Sikkim’s grand hospitality. The next time you want to pamper your mind, tongue & body, look east to Club Mahindra's resort at Baiguney.
Hospitality at its best - Club Mahindra at Baiguney

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