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Himalayan delicacies in nature's lap

There are many reasons for one to visit Sikkim. And if you are foodie like me, I am pretty sure it will be 'love at first visit' as well. Having chosen to visit Club Mahindra's resort at Baiguney, as some one on the look out for exotic food, the wide array of authentic Sikkim and Nepalese menu on the table floored me. For starters, you can try 'Sekhua' a traditional Nepalese smoke cooked chicken. To me this chicken was the Nepali equivalent of north India's tandoor chicken. This chicken is marinated with ginger garlic paste with curd added as a binder. Traditionally it is smoke cooked using wood unlike charcoal grill. At Baiguney, for reasons of convenience the chicken was cooked using gas and not charcoal.  Chicken 'Sekhua' with authentic Darjeeling momos I also had a taste of authentic Darjeeling momos, a dish that is now available at many fast food restaurants across India, particularly Delhi. I was informed by Chef Gagan that momos mass

Club Mahindra Baiguney - Sikkim's hidden treasure trove of serenity

Think of Sikkim and one conjures images of snow-clad peaks and India's cold frontiers. But a recent visit to Club Mahindra's Resort at Baiguney let me discover a less explored world, one of serenity and peace. It’s true that Sikkim has many snow capped peaks, particularly along the border with China and Nepal. But away from the maddening crowds whose only aim is to catch a solitary glimpse of obscure, far away snowy mountains, lies Club Mahindra Baiguney, a treasure trove of lush greenery and blissful serenity. View Club Mahindra, Baiguney, Sikkim in a larger map A view of Club Mahindra's resort at Baiguney, west Sikkim The resort is located about 3 km north of the twin towns of Naya Bazaar & Jorethang not far from the famed hill station of Darjeeling. But the weather here is like much of south Sikkim, pleasant in Winter and Monsoons but humid in the Summers. During my brief stay last week, my body was pampered and the nerves soothed at the trad