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Himalayas from air: Mother Earth is worth every attempt to save her

I just can't stop admiring the tallest mountains standing above the oceans, each time I get a chance to fly near them. At the moment of making some of these images, I could see the rivers flowing through the fertile plains almost at sea level and at the other spectrum some peaks as high as our aeroplane's flying altitude - over 8km above mean sea level! And I have read about mountains nearly twice the height of the Everest rising from the Oceans' surface but still buried in them. Surely mother earth is worth every attempt to save it from her childrens' greed. ------------- As some one following Islam I need to believe that the earth was created in 7 days. I have a strong feeling Allah created the rest of the world in 6 days but took one full day to create the Kashmir Valley. The three pics below are of the flight from Jammu to Srinagar.  ------------- Among the best domestic flights in India to enjoy the Himalayas is the Delhi to Guwahati via Bagdogra.