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Sultanpur sanctuary, Haryana - A kingdom welcomes its sultans

Sultan  in Hindi/ Urdu means a Prince and  Pur  is used to refer to a habitation/ village. Sultanpur, south-west of the NCR (National Capital Region), is the jewel of Haryana state's wildlife sanctuaries. This year's rains have broken records of the past few years resulting in nature blessing the wetland with the most precious of its bounties - water. The birds' kingdom is more than ready this year to welcome its winged princes & princesses.  Above:  A view of the seasonal jheel (wetland) in Sultanpur Park in August 2009 A google earth map screenshot of Sultanpur bird sanctuary, Gurgaon, Haryana, dated 16 July 2014 Here are some images from my recent and last year's visits to the place: Breeding waterfowl on one of the islands in September 2010. A flock of Comb Ducks in Sep 2010. Boards like these help common man understand the different birds inhabiting or visiting this place.  Haryana Tourism has its tourist complexes

Available for free download 'Highlands of Central India'

Dear nature lovers, The bio-geographic region Central Indian Highlands covers parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra states. This region is home to some of India's best known forests and tiger habitats like Pench and Kanha, among others. These forests are the catchment for some of India's well-known rivers like Narmada, Chambal and Tapti. The Maikal hills here bridge the Satpura and the Vindhya ranges. It is here that the natural teak ( Tectona grandis ) forests from southern Peninsular India give way to natural sal ( Shorea robusta ) forests that are predominant in north India.   One of the earliest books to detail the region's wildlife was   'Highlands of Central India: Notes on their forests and wild tribes, natural history and sports .' It was penned by Captain J Forsyth of Bengal Staff Corps, who was the ACF (Asst Conservator of Forests) and acting CF of erstwhile Central Provinces. The book describes the region's various forests and thei