Experiencing Kanha's first monsoon showers

The first monsoons are always special, more so if they happen in a wilderness. I experienced this year's first while travelling to Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve, in mid-June. It so happened that we were the last to enter the park and all of the tourists we encountered were scurrying back to their resorts and leaving the park in a hurry to beat the rains. But we were there to enjoy the rains and it was a soul-stirring feeling. The dark monsoon clouds changed the shades of the skies and the earth from light to dark grey. The parched earth laughed with joy as it welcomed the rain drops. The animals looked undisturbed by the frequent lightening around. And only we were there to witness this and no one else around us for miles...

Below are some images (with captions) of this visit of mine, particularly of the first rains...

Gaur grazing at Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India

A resting tiger at Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh

A resting tiger at Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh

A tiger patrolling the Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh


  1. Its beautiful, Ameen. Nothing like being in the wilderness during the first rains.

  2. I invite you to register at http://www.IndianWildlifeClub.com and share some of your experiences with our community of nature lovers. You can cut and paste from blogspot if you wish. The report will be published under your name and you can link it to your post too..

  3. What an absolute thrill! I missed the volunteer opportunity at Kanha last to last weekend :(.. Hope I'll get another one soon!

  4. Awesome pics Ameen..wonderful..felt very nice and close to the nature...hmmm...


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