Nun Kun glacier and Rangdum: The drive to glacier country

Green pastures besides the road to Parkachik village from Tangole village. Beyond Parkachik village, the road ascends steeply into glacier country.

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Grazing in a sub-alpine meadow near Parkachik village. This is also the site of sub-alpine camping by Dept of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir Government.
The mouth of Nun-Kun glacier lies along the road Kargil - Padum main road. The glacier water empties into Suru River.
The steep, rugged road to Ragdum beyond Parkachik glacier.
Melting glaciers feed a stream of River Suru beyond the Parkachik village and mouth of Nun Kun glacier.
Beyond Shafat Glacier the valley gets wider and one can see sweeping views of the mountains.
A view of Shafat glacier.
Grazing horses besides the road on the drive up to Rangdum.
Along the way, the road passes through many beautiful sub-alpine meadows.
The road is narrow at many places and cuts through boulders.
Wide valley and tall cliffs along the road to Rangdum.
A signpost indicating the distance to Rangdum.
The sun sets over the tourist bungalow and huts at Rangdum.
This journey was a part of the road trip that I got to make from Srinagar to the Drang Drung Glacier via Kargil Town through my previous work, in July 2009. Click here to view and read the next part of this journey.
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