Friends of Ranthambore

Residents of Dungri Village, Dist Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan.
WWF-India has been working for quite a few years now with people around Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. It has been helping wean people of marginal communities from depending on forest resources. There have been many positive results with many villagers willing to walk with WWF-India to conserve Ranthambore's forests.

A large number of people enter Ranthambore National park every day, mainly for religious purposes.

Outside the park a large no: of people are dependant on it mainly for fuel wood. Seen here is a view in Dungri village, Khandar Tehsil, Sawai Madhopur District.

Camel carts on a road adjoining the park boundaries.

A women's self help group in Dungri village, Khandar Tehsil, Sawai Madhopur District. The group makes paper bags from used newspaper and sells it to newarby market. This way they save some money to use for domestic purpose. Earlier they used to cut fuelwood from forest and sell it to make money. Also, they are planning to buy subsidised LPG cooking stoves and cylinders with the money they make from the paper bags. Currently they use fuelwood for their fuel needs.

A beaming Guddi Yogi, a leading contributor to this self-help group proudly shows off her work.

Noori has been among the ones to encourage her fellow villagers to start the alternative livelihood.

Lima Rosalind, has been heading the livelihood project of WWF-India in Sawai Madhopur District for a long time now. Here she is with Guddi Yogi, a self-help group member of Dungri Village.
A family that wants to shift to horticulture from agriculture to prevent crop depradation. WWF-India will be helping these villagers to fence their farm land till the trees are mature and can withstand crop raids by wild herbivores.

WWF-India staff inspecting a farmland whose owners are being helped.

The WWF-India team visiting the field. From left: Diwakar Sharma, Ameen Ahmed, Sukeerti, Pradeep Singh. In the back ground are the forests of Sawai Mansingh Wildlife Sanctuary.

With temperatures around 45 degree centigrade, an effective way to prevent sun stroke is to cover one self from head to toe and leave little for sun to directly sap the heat.

The 'Khush Haar' women's self help group at Falodi village in Sawai Madhopur District is doing excellent work again. These women were also earlier dependant on the forests of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve adjoining their village. Now they make cloth bags, small mats, table clothes, cushion covers and ropes which are marketed to tourists visiting Sawai Madhopur Town. Seen above is Begum, a leading member of the group.

Begum at work

Begum, proudly displaying fruits of her hard work.

Another product by the self-help group of Falodi village.


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