Teesta River - Poetry in motion and still

This was my first visit to the North-East and I couldn't resist asking my driver to stop the car at dozens of places along the drive from Bagdogra airfield (West Bengal) to Gangtok (Sikkim). The drive is dominated by Teesta, which seems omnipresent through much of the journey. This was summer and the beautiful river was lazily meandering through the tall and handsome canyons in these Himalayan foothills. The river and valley, I thought, must have been made for each other. I have rarely seen things in my life so nicely supplementing, complimenting and blending with each other...the Teesta River and its valley.

Below are the images of the landscape as one drives up from Siliguri.

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  1. Everything seems to be in some shade of green. So beautiful. Great shots!


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