'Roam nations, read encyclopedias'


I moved to Delhi in mid-April to join World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - India, as a Senior Manager - Communications, in their Species division.

I have many of you telling me you are sad, that I am moving away from Bengaluru/ Tumkur and Karnataka. I have to say the following.

This new position will allow me to work on conservation issues through much of India, particularly the wildlife sanctuaries, and among others our tiger, elephant, dolphin and rhino areas. That includes Karnataka too. Also, I will be able to exchange thoughts and learn positive things from people of other states as well.

Also, WANC is working on interesting proposals for wilderness areas in Tumkur district. I will be working with members of the team to carry out some of these tasks. So I will not be far from Tumkur as well : )

I was equally passionate about wildlife before I left for Canada in 2002. Though I was not in the midst of action, here in Karnataka, for much of the next 5 years, my travel and education outside India helped me gain a wealth of knowledge. I have been able to use the same to work with like minded nature lovers like you back home and do my bit to conserve our priceless wildlife.

I am sure this new stint away from Bangalore/ Tumkur will help me gain more knowledge. I want to plough back the same when I return for good, when ever that happens. As a traditional 'Gaade' (proverb) in Kannada language roughly goes, to gain knowledge one must ''Desha suttu, Kosha vodu" (roam nations, read encyclopedias).

I am ever indebted to all my friends from whom I have learnt so much over the decades. It is because of your well wishes and support that I am what ever little I am.

We shall keep in touch.

Best regards,


  1. Good Post thanks for sharing.
    One word to say that " Your blog is full interesting "
    Keep posting more like these.
    Good Luck


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