The fun in driving to 'Dilli'

It was fun driving all the way to Delhi from Bangalore in my Santro. As a nature lover, I will say the best part was driving through the length of Madhya Pradesh. I could see different landscapes ranging from the gentle rolling hills north-west of Nagpur to the dense sal forests around Itarsi and Hoshangabad including the newly created Satpuda (Satpura) Tiger Reserve.

The landscape is different as one moves northwest of Bhopal into the thorn and ridge forests around Narasinghad town. The drive from Shivpuri to Gwalior is through the very hot and dry forests including those of Madhav National Park. But these huge swathes of dry forests form a spectacular sight. Around Shivpuri the people and traffic are as rough as the landscape is. I could see one guy driving his bike with his countrymade revolver tucked into his belt at his lower back. Being in close proximity to the Chambal valley, this surely must be India's answer to America's 'wild wild west'.

India is truly big and amazing. We all shall make it a much better place before we die. Much of Madhya Pradesh's roads still need to improve, but the varied landscape made up for the beating my car's suspensions and tyres took.

Since this was purely a drive to take my car to Delhi within 4 days, I did not take even one picture (though I was tempted to stop the car at many places). But I surely will drive my car back in a few months from now and will take many Gigabytes of images. Any body willing to join me???

Will keep you informed.


Postscript: To read a detailed blog post along with maps of this drive click here


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