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Devarayanadurga State Forest and surroundings - As seen on new google maps, May 2013

Among the oldest reserve forests of India, Devarayanadurga State Forest is a pocket of isolated wilderness amidst growing urban areas and upcoming highways. Here is how it looks on google maps.

For more on Devarayanadurga state forest, please see the below post on this blog:
150 years later, Devarayanadurga Forest chugs along...

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Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Home to Ontario's winged wonders

The region to the east of Toronto along Lake Ontario is less densely populated than to the west which leads to the cities of Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara falls and beyond to Rochester in the United States. Out on the east, one can have the pleasure of driving leisurely on the roads that have a comparatively lesser vehicle population as well. Also to the east along Lake Ontario are a string of provincial parks that protect rare vegetation and wildlife, particularly migratory birds. These parks are the equivalent of India's conservation reserve and community conserved areas being too small in most cases to be given the status of a wildlife sanctuary or a national park. Among such parks are the twin wilderness of McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and Second Marsh wildlife area along with the neighbouring Darlington Provincial Park (read more), Presqu'ile Provincial Park and Sand Banks Provincial Park.

Being less than an hour's drive from Toronto, Presqu'ile is an accessibl…