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An invitation to Bangaloreans to beat the stress - Chairman's Jade Club & Resort

Bangalore, referred to as garden city a couple of decades ago has recently graduated to being India's Silicon Valley. But with a growing population, it is increasingly hard to find a place where families can take a break. In such circumstances when you find a place in city that is away from the crowds where can comes rest you have to make the most of it. 
I visited the Chairman's Jade Club and Resort near Devanahalli village in November 2013 and found it to be a place of high standards. A unit of the well-known Chairman's Resort in North Bangalore's Sahakar Nagar it is spread over 8 acres of lush gardens amidst the 250-acre Jade Gardens. 
According to Mr. Ravi.G.S., Corporate General Manager, Chairman's Club and Resorts "Chairman's Jade Club and Resort offers a guest experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service. Hunger's busted at our à la carte restaurant and snack bar. Our poolside restaurant is open througho…

BR Hills to Kollegal, Maddur and Bangalore - Travel through less traversed jungles and country-side (Part 3 of 3)

Back in BR Hills, for breakfast we had rice idlis with some cocunut chutney served on plantain leaves, a tradition in this part of India.
We lost little time as we went straight up to the Ranaganathaswamy temple, around which the life and much of this village's economy revolves. The temple is centuries old and is very popular with Hindu devotees who visit it from far and wide. There are interesting idols and carvings at the entrance of the temple.

It seems life is frozen in this village. Among the many things that have gown missing from Karnataka's big towns and cities in the recent times - peace, serenity and house sparrows can be rediscovered here. We could see many sparrows around the temple. Some of them were nesting in the crevices of the walls of the temple, making me nostalgic of the days when these birds used to be a constant companion as we ate our food as infants at our home in Tumkur town. 
Since the temple is located on a cliff there area around it provides some ve…

MM Hills to BR Hills via Dhimbam Ghat and K.Gudi - Travel through less traversed jungles and country-side (Part 2 of 3)

We were glad to have left MM Hills early in the day as we could see hundreds of vehicles pouring into the village to take part in the jathra at its temple. Getting down the numerous hairpin bends we crossed the narrow road in Kowdhalli village after which the road again passes through Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary for a couple of kilometres. As one approaches Hanur village the hill ridges that mark the northern limits of Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple (BRT) tiger reserve become prominent. 

At Hanur village, the fresh fruits and vegetables in the bustling bazaar made us take a small break to buy a few of them. Just after the Police Station in the village we took a deviation south (turned left) towards the small Hubbe Hunse dam. For about 10 kilometres the single road travels amidst agricultural fields and joins the Kollegal - Hasanur Ghat road just before Lokkanahalli village, from where the boundary of BRT tiger reserve is just a stone's throw distance. The Kollegal - Hasanur Ghat r…