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For the love of mangoes

Engrained in childhood
For a vast majority of Indians, both urban and rural, mango is an integral part of their growing years. The fruit flowers in spring and is harvested in summer, which coincides with the summer holidays for kids  in India. These holidays for many kids in India are a time to break free from the bondage of formal schooling. A time to holiday with fellows from their mohallas, go to vegetable markets with their parents,  play (and fight) over sports like cricket as well as enjoy street side edibles.

For the nearly 80% of these who live in non-urban and semi-urban areas, it also means exploring nearby woods, throw stones to bring down fruits from avenue mango trees and for some (mis)adventurous souls, even stealing from some body else's orchard. Every year when the cold winds wane and the sun gets harsher above my head forcing me look for shadows, I feel a strong carving for mangoes. I guess they are engrained in the summer part of my body's annual biological c…