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Drive to Sonmarg, the 'Golden Meadow' from Gagangir village

Of the many famous 'margs' (meadows) of Kashmir valley, Sonamarg (or Sonmarg) is among the best known. 'Sona' refers to gold. Since we were here in July much of the grass was still green and was yet to turn golden. But the place still provided a 'being in heaven' feeling. This journey was a part of the road trip that I got to make from Srinagar to the Drang Drung Glacier via Kargil Town through my previous work, in July 2009. Click here to view and read the next part of this journey. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have found this story useful, please share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc using below tools.

Glimpses of Kashmir valley's beauty- Drive from Srinagar to Gagangir Village (near Sonmarg)

One of the biggest advantages of visiting a tourist destination high up the mountains is the clean air and the minimal presence of dust. The tall mountains with streams flowing down in the valleys between them add to the beauty. Throw in near clean skies in the back drop, paste the slopes green with hundreds of thousands of trees, crown the mountain peaks with pure white snow, dot the entire landscape with pretty little villages and prettier end up having the vale of Kashmir. 
The beauty of Kashmir valley elevates photography to another level. I had my share of indulgence when I flew into Srinagar and drove to Sonmarg hill station on the way to Kargil town via Zo Jilla pass. This was in June last year (2009) when I was there to witness WWF-India's Snow Leopard work. Fortunately I took time off on the weekend to process some of the images. Below are the ones of my drive from Srinagar to Sonmarg, which is a part of the Srinagar - Leh national highway. Some of these ima…

From Jog falls to the 'green seas' of south-east Asia

I fell in love with rain-forests the first time I saw them on the drive to Jog Falls in Western Ghats. This was in early 1983, with my immediate family. These continue to awe me. The most recent being in south-east Asia.
First impression, always the best
It was spring (early-April) of 1983. I guess I was in Grade 3  or 3rd Standard as we call it in Karnataka. I was visiting North Karnataka in a hired Ambi (Hindustan's Ambassador brand car) with my parents, my extremely naughty elder bro and kid sis. I had an aunt living with her Doc hubby and kids in Hubli, Dharwar District. We drove to Hubli, from hometown Tumkur, on the Bangalore - Mumbai National Highway 4. Those were the days when we crossed more trees than trucks through the drive. I still remember the neatly lined, fruit-bearing avenue trees. There were Jamun trees till near Kalambella village before the erstwhile Mughal provincial headquarters of Sira Town. From there on tamarind trees bordered the highway all along till Hubl…