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Of unforgettable and the forgotten wonders

India is a land of immense creativity. From the pre-Islamic India temples of Khajuraho (Central India) to the last of Mughal era structures of Safdarjung tomb (Delhi), through ages, even a small period of peace in a kingdom/ region resulted in architectural master pieces. Even the British invested considerable resources in building the Viceroy's House - the present day Rashtrapati Bhavan (President of India's house).

But there are so many architectural and geological wonders in India that it is simply impossible for the Governments (state and central/ federal) alone to maintain these. While the Governments use their meagre resources to take care of the famous ones, the less fortunate ones remain hidden, at the mercy of time and often, vandals.
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While in Canada , we went on a trip to study 'Bleasdell' boulder. For some one who doesn't have knowledge of rocks or geology, this might seem another rock. But the locals have put e…